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Food is deeply embedded into my family’s southern roots. At an early age my mother bought me a Junior Cookbook, which came with about 20 kid-friendly recipes, and that’s where my journey into cooking began! This life-long passion started with my great-grandmother, who worked as a head cook in a hospital. My grandmother instilled into her family the importance of cooking for oneself, and my mother enjoyed holding get-togethers on weekends. Helping to cater these get togethers quickly became my primary responsibility. She and I would grill meats and cook a large spread for our guests. Although I’d rather be playing outside, I always felt proud to watch my family enjoy the food I’d worked so hard to prepare all day.
Fast-forward to a couple of years ago, I began my YouTube journey and decided to call it, “Smokin’ and Grillin’ wit AB”. Originally, my focus was creating videos related to grilling and smoking meat, but I quickly recognized that I had a passion for making a variety of dishes and was lucky enough to be able to build a platform to share it on. My journey started (check out some of the early vids, click here) with making dishes on the road while working as a welder by trade. Throughout my years creating videos, the best part about growing my channel (besides the supporters!) has been learning and teaching at the same time. With every video, my target is to show you how you can Simplify These Recipes and Take the Mystery out of Cooking!
Much of my work ethic and drive translates into each of my hobbies. At 16,I got my first job and saved money to buy a Volkswagen buggy. From that point on, all my earnings went into the work I put into the car. Whether I’m cooking, racing, or fishing, I love working hard on a project and watching the results of that hard work come to life! I am looking forward to sharing much of my pastimes on my other channel, More S.n G.wit AB!

What Customers Are Saying

Thanks chef! I have been using these recipes every week and my friends and family are OBSESSED!Those Cajun recipes are killer!

Brionna Floyd

New Chef

This chef makes fire recipes that are easy to follow and inexpensive. Definetly my go to youtube chef!

Mitzi Olmos

Inspiring Chef


Welcome to my Smokin and Grillin wit AB website. Where cooking doesn’t stop during an economic slowdown or a Pandemic, it just gets smarter!



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